You know I honestly thought that first line was tongue-in-cheek, but as I read on it became apparent that it was not. I know this is a cut and paste job, but have you an opinion to offer on this idea from the author Daniel Davis?

I mean you no disrespect, but what the author says here is remarkably absurd.

Is it not quite apparent that the entire conflict in Syria is about oil, gas, money, power and control? Is it not obvious that trade routes, communications, political influence and so on are at the fore?

The involvement of the US et. al in Syria has nothing whatsoever to do with ending the suffering of people in Syria. This statement he makes at the start of the piece is nothing short of naive, ideological stupidity.

ISIS and the various factions that have amalgamated and are currently causing havoc in major cities in Europe have been nurtured, funded, trained and supplied in the back door by the US, France, UK, Russia and other governments who wish to control the vital trade route from the Middle East that is Syria.

This “war” against ISIS or whoever they are is a farce. It’s been created and hyped up to hide the truth of the matter, a truth that major news agencies are not reporting. And while this smoke screen is clouding everyone’s view of the truth, people are dying at the hands of psychopaths on both sides.

The psychopaths in suits and red ties who are prepared to send willing, naive men and women overseas to die for what they believe is patriotism in the actual pursuit of dollars, and the psychopaths in black clothes who believe that they are fulfilling a religious destiny, or not as the case may be.

The information we receive is well scripted and filtered to disguise the fact the this is a major power struggle for the land that is Syria. Whoever controls Syria controls a major route for oil and gas from the Middle East and literally trillions of dollars.

This sort of tripe you pasted simply fuels the ignorance of the people of what is really happening in the middle east.

But of course, I’m probably a conspiracy theorist right?

People who talk about this from my perspective are ignoring the truth?

Going on the above, this Daniel Davis bloke is delusional, and quite obviously deeply indoctrinated in the military ideology. Maybe he sees the actual reality of what’s going on in Syria but I sincerely doubt it.

Or maybe I’ve got it totally wrong and this piece is tongue-in-cheek. In which case I apologise for my rant. However, it’s no less worth stating all the same.

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