You know I have the same issue with most of the content that’s produced internet wide. I wrote about this very subject just last week. Most sites that churn out this shit are concerned only with maintaining or increasing traffic numbers and advertising revenues. They’re not interested in providing great content. It’s not a priority.

I’m in a couple of blogger Facebook groups and some of the members seem only to be interested in getting a post on Huffington Post or other big platform. Is this the measure of success?@

Here’s the model;

Follow a bunch of influencers around the web, suck ass for a couple months, get some bullshit quote from them and 20 others then submit your bs roundup post to HuffPost and watch your site visits go through the roof.

The content is vacuous and quite frankly pure shite. Useless tripe suitable for self fulfilling link building and a false sense of importance.

As far as I’m concerned submitting content to these sites is selling your soul, even if it does get you traffic to your site. For me that’s not what it should be about.

Here’s my piece if you want to chalk it out. Admittedly it might be considered a bit of a rant.

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