This statement is completely disingenuous and sounds like good old fashioned self-denial to me. So, a little cold hard truth for a moment…Corporations like Instagram (Facebook) etc. exist not to make the lives of people better, but rather to make profit for shareholders – it’s their no.1 priority. People, individuals I mean, care about people. Corporations don’t. Corporations care about bottom line, obedience to corporate structures, and use what we have learned of human psychology to manipulate workers and sleepy people. Call me a cynic if you will, I’ll accept that. The fact of the matter is I read statements like the one I’ve highlighted here used all the time by Marketers, advertisers and machine-like bureaucrats to justify their measures to “hook” a sale, or one hundred million.

So come off it. Cut the pretence. The capital model is about profit, not about people.

Writer on Psychology, Philosophy, Society & Culture | Examining Happiness at Work | Slight Perfectionist | Introvert | Humanist Socialist |

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