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The 7 Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing

Are you making these fundamental email marketing errors?

The other day I got an email from a guy I didn’t recognise. I opened the email and immediately I thought;

“I don’t know this guy, why is he emailing me?

Upon a brief scan I saw that the content was completely irrelevant to me. I scrolled to the bottom of the email to see if the mail was sent from Mailchimp or Aweber or some other email marketing software.

A Better Way To Email LinkedIn Contacts

There’s a much better, more effective and totally legal way to email message your linkedIn contacts. Stay tuned to Seolar for the upcoming article covering exactly how to do it.

I’m On The Throne, Do You Mind?

This wasn’t by any means the first of these. In the last month I’ve received 5 emails from what appear to be LinkedIn contacts who, in their ignorance, decide to add me (and others too I presume), directly to their email list without permission.

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing

So I was considering this and other email marketing schoolboy errors over the last week and I figured I’d put together a hit list of the 7 worst email marketing mistakes and what to do instead. In fact there’s way more than 7 but I figure these are the worst by far.

Deadly Sin #7: You Don’t Stick To A Sending Schedule

Consistent communication with your email list is essential if you want to build a relationship and turn those people who volunteered to join your list into loyal customers and advocates.

Deadly Sin #6: You’re Using Lame Email Subject Lines

When you scroll through your timeline on Medium or some other platform, what are you looking for? What grabs your attention first?

  1. Don’t promise something in the headline that’s not in the newsletter
  2. Avoid sensationalism.
  3. Focus on benefits not features
  4. Keep your subject lines short and sweet
  5. Use emojis where suitable
  6. A/B test your subject lines

Deadly Sin #5: You’re Selling In Every Email

This one is a big passion killer.

Deadly Sin #4: You’re Being Way Too Formal


Deadly Sin #3: You’re Using The Default Subscription Pages

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Meh: The Default Mailchimp Signup Form
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Noice!: Seolar Customised Mailchimp Sign-up Page
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Subscribe link in the header menu
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Mailchimp pages/links to be customised

Deadly Sin #2: You’re Always Talking About Yourself

This one is almost as bad as #1 on the list…but not quite.

Deadly Sin #1: Adding Someone To Your List Without Permission

Here we are, the #1 email marketing sin you could ever make…and unbelievably, many are still making it.

Other Email Marketing Mistakes

Here’s a few other pretty major email marketing errors that many small and big businesses are making. I’ll be covering these in future articles so make sure you get on board so you don’t miss that.

  1. You send at the wrong time of day for your list.
  2. You send on the wrong day for your list.
  3. You’re not capturing leads on your site with Sumo.
  4. You let your list go stale.
  5. You use RSS on every email campaign.
  6. You aren’t sending a final welcome email.
  7. You’re not using a survey to get to know your audience.
  8. You have no thank you page set up.
  9. Your emails are not optimised for mobile.
  10. You’ve no content strategy in place.
  11. Your emails are too long or too short.
  12. You freak out when people unsubscribe.
  13. You’ve not confirmed your domain with your provider.
  14. You bought an email list.
  15. You fail to include a single call to action in your emails.
  16. You don’t test and spell check your email before hitting send.
  17. You make unsubscribing hard or impossible.
  18. You're using recognised spam trigger words like “free”.
  19. You’re ignoring open rates and other stats.

Create Strong Relationships Over Email

Email communication shouldn’t be considered a cold transactional thing. Decide to embrace it as the powerful channel that it is. Email is a consistently better marketing channel for b2b and b2c over social media (for example), so as a business owner you’ve simply got to know how to use it correctly.

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Permission Marketing Seth Godin

“Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to receive them” — Seth Godin, Permission Marketing.

That’s it from me for now. Next week I’ll be back with another extensive article to help you do better email marketing. Get on board below to make sure you get it.

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