So what brought me to your article?….I’ve no idea. Fate? Accident? In my version of the universe there are no accidents. We create our own reality by virtue of our thought. Thought is not unsubstantial, it’s not unreal, it’s not merely, although most of us like to reduce it to some kind of insignificance. Thought is creative. How else do great creations come into being? Thought is the birthplace of all things ever in the history of humanity and beyond. There is nothing without thought, infact nothing is where thought originates. The truth is we always get what we ask for, the Universe doesn’t get it wrong. Your story is interesting to me.

What is it do you suppose you’re here to do?

Writer on Psychology, Philosophy, Society & Culture | Examining Happiness at Work | Slight Perfectionist | Introvert | Humanist Socialist |

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