Paleo For Endurance Athletes

Paleo For Endurance Athletes: Everything You Need To Know [Experiment]

This week’s nutrition article is the start of a long hard look at the viability of Paleo for endurance athletes. I want to know categorically, if paleo can work for marathon runners, and whether or not the body can put in big mileage while eating paleo.

A Bit Of Personal Background

#1 — Achieve a sub 3 hour marathon

#2 — Do it eating Paleo and reduce bodyfat to 10%

A note on Paleo

What Is The Paleo Diet?

What Foods Are On The Paleo Menu?

Paleo Meats

Paleo Vegetables

Paleo Oils/Fats

Paleo Nuts

Paleo Dried Fruits

A Note For Athletes

What Foods Are Off The Paleo Menu?


Soft/Sugary Drinks

Grains (Wheat/Maize)

Legumes/Pulses (Peas & Beans)

Sweets, Cakes & Candy Bars

Other Off Limits Foods

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