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Mon 21 Aug - Sun 27 Aug

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What Do You Need Most?

I truly want to give you the most helpful content I can. Can you take 60 seconds to tell me what your biggest challenge is in your business? Let me know here.

This Week On Seolar

The Publishing Schedule

I’ve been working on a number of content platforms this week including the YouTube channel, a new podcast and a publishing schedule I can realistically fulfill.

The publishing schedule is probably the most challenging because until you test your process you never really know if it’s right for you or your audience. Seolar is a brand new platform, a marketing experiment that I intend to perfect but that’s going to take some trial and error.

That’s the same with your platform. Content creation can work very well for you in your business but before you see the positive effects of that you need to test different elements and see what resonates with your audience.

The Content Calendar

Your audience may not even be precisely defined yet, however you still need to get content out there to help you figure that out. I’ve been building a content calendar to help me format some structure.

You can do this in Google Calendar if you like. Create new events for content creation and set reminders so you don’t miss your own deadlines. Making your deadline for a piece of new content because whether you have 1 reader 1,000 readers or 100,000, you need to deliver on what you promised.

Whether it’s an email to your list, or an article on your website, consistency is a significant ingredient to making our marketing work. The Content Calendar helps us achieve that consistency

Larry G. Maguire Weekly Content Calendar

Sticking To The Task

I work solo most of the time. I have freelancers I rely on and third parties that I collaborate with but largely I work alone. This is perhaps my biggest challenge. There’s no accountability right there in my face every day so things can slip. But I’m determined to fulfill my commitments.

When we get our commitments out there in public it becomes more real. There is accountability. What I might suggest for you in your business is this; If you want to take audience building seriously, set a date and time for publishing your material to your readers and stick to it. Make it public too.

This is probably the single most effective way to build relationship with your readers and grow your audience online. At first traffic may be small, but in time it will build and people will begin to take notice.

Commitment and consistency are keys to successful audience building.

The Larb: A New Podcast

On 7th September I’m launching back into podcasting with a new show called The Larb. It’s a show for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners (or those thinking about it) and I’ll be covering many subjects I cover here on Seolar and on Larry G. Maguire.

The show is for artists, writers, musicians, songwriters, digital creatives, craftspeople, makers, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. Anyone who considers themselves remotely creative and wants to turn that passion into a business will get value from this material.

Honestly though, if you’re any way interested in making the best of yourself in the time you have on this earth, like I am, then you’ll get value from this podcast. I can’t wait to get going, I’ve loads to share.

I’ll be talking work, business, marketing, and all that jazz but I will also be asking some of life’s deeper questions. Find out more about the podcast here.

I Need Your Questions:

I intend to build the content around your needs so if you have a question related to starting or running a creative business that you’d like covered please tell me here and I’ll include in the show.

Daily Thoughts On Anchor

I created a station on Anchor recently. Like many things I make it’s an experiment forming part of the larger experiment and I’ll see how it goes. Anchor is a relatively new platform and one that’s growing so I figured I get in early and see where it takes me.

The station is called Storymaker Radio (branding subject to change) and I’m jumping on at least once per day to share a thought about life and work. See what you think.

Tutorials On YouTube

Last week I spent considerable time optimising my YouTube channel and working on video SEO. As a result the video How To Avoid Spam Filters When Sending Emails From Mailchimp is now ranking №1 on Google Video Search and №4 on YouTube for the keyword; “how to avoid spam filters when sending emails” with a search volume of 210 searches per month.

Google Video Search: “how to avoid spam filters when sending emails”

This took only 24 hours to appear in the top spot, so that’s a win in my book. Most of the video tutorials I create for you will follow the same SEO criteria with the intention of getting a good ranking for popular keywords related to MailChimp, Sumo and other marketing tools.

You can check out the Seolar full written tutorial here;

The second of two tutorials published last week was, How To Import Contacts To MailChimp and although this particular keyword term “how to import contacts to mailchimp” is not widely searched for it has relevance to material I’ve been writing about here on Seolar. You can check the full written tutorial here;

Some Curated Marketing Articles

This last week I’ve had the pleasure of reading some quality marketing content here on Medium. Every week I’ll select 3 or 4 articles from well known and not so well known sources here on Medium that I think you’ll get value from.

Check out this week’s curated marketing articles;

The Mission - Your Email Newsletter Sucks. Here’s How to Improve It

In this article The Mission outlines several ways that your email newsletter (you might consider calling yours something different), is falling down and offers you 7 ways you can fix it.

Chris Kubbernus - You Don’t Know What Quality Content Is

The term “quality content” is more than a little ambiguous. The process of creating it can be somewhat ambiguous also and in this article from Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus he breaks down some important aspects of quality content you should understand.

Gary Vaynerchuk - How To Start

Vaynerchuk is intense. You either love him or you hate him, but one thing is certain, he hits the nail on the head (most of the time) on subjects that matter when building a audience. In this article Gary Vaynerchuk breaks down some important factors for getting your business moving in the right direction.

That’s it for this Monday’s issue of Monday Marketing. If you’d like to get notified of each issue you can get on board here and I’ll email you every Monday.

All the best for now, have a great week!


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