It’s Not Just About Art

The Artist’s Manifesto is out on 2nd April, but it’s not just about art

I’m about to retire and as I do I have a thought…

The Artist’s Manifesto is not simply about the state of mind the artist must hold as she paints a portrait or as he begins penning his new story.

It is more than that. It is a life manifesto.

It’s a finger pointing over there, saying,

It’s not a set of rules.

It’s not a bible.

It’s not a criticism of everything that is not it.

It’s not a way of life.

It’s not an attempt to save you life.

It is representative of things I have missed along the way and of the things I have found. Things that occur to me about how we interact with the world.

It’s a suggestion that perhaps the answers we look for may not be in the places we think they should be or in the people we think should hold them.

Art and life are interchangeable.

Ultimately I don’t know why I’m writing this book. I’m compelled to it seems.

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