Seolar: I’m Just Building This Out

Seolar is a publication dedicated to producing high quality email marketing tutorials to help you build your email list and audience online.

There’s not whole pile to see just yet on seolar, I’m just building out the idea.

I’ve managed to gather a ton of information and know-how on using email marketing tools over the years and I need a home for it. My site is not really the place for it given the nature of the content there.

I’ve been gathering feedback from artists and creatives recently and what they are telling me is that building an audience for their work is one of the key things they struggle with.

Well, the good news is that as well as being a writer I am total nerd for this kind of stuff so I’ve loads to share with you.

So seolar will be a place where I’ll be adding tutorials, both written and video, for how to best use common email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Sumo, ThriveThemes and so on.

I’ve loads to teach you so we’ll see where it goes.

If you like to get new articles here just follow the seolar publication and you’ll get notified of new material as it is published.

Regards, for now…

Want An Update When We’re Off The Ground?

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