Creative Isolation

The importance of finding time alone to create

Well, here we are — another year over. On reflection, I hope you look back with a smile on your face, and if you can’t do that then maybe you can be happy that it’s over. This past year has been good I must admit. There were no remarkable events as such, just a steady stream of good. There were some frustrations, you know, the everyday stuff that gets to you. But on the whole, it has been a good one. How’s it been for you?

Creating A Quiet Space

Just over a year ago I went back to self-employment.

Someone Else’s System

Out there is someone else’s system.

New For 2019

When I start writing, I’m often not too sure where it will go.

The Artist’s Manifesto

Yeah, I know, this book is taking forever to complete. I could beat myself up over that, but then there’s no merit in that.

The Podcast

The Larb podcast has about 170 episodes and has been a real source of creative enjoyment for me over the past year or more.


Earlier this month I joined Bernie Goldbach from Insideview for chats at The Galway Hooker at Heuston Station. He is doing a series of podcast episodes for Congregation ’19 on the subject of community and asked me to join him to discuss the topic.

So Ends Another Year

Time and the aspects of it we use to structure our movements are arbitrary; I reckon you get that.

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