Bernie, you’re on the ball of course. However, all the guys you’re calling on, those who hold the power and responsibility to reprimand and bring to justice these unscrupulous corporate criminals, shared the same dorm rooms as these guys.

They drink wine with them in expensive hotels and vacation resorts all over the world. They play golf together in exclusive clubs. They fuck the same hookers and draft policy together over the same large and expensive tables.

They preside over war crimes and the killing of millions of innocent people for the sake of oil, gas, power and control and they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. They convene an exclusive cabal and will never bring themselves and their buddies to justice.

Why would they?

Those holding any power or authority to take action, who are actually outside of the clique, those who agree with you in other words, I believe are too few in number and too fearful to do anything.

Your entire political system has been infiltrated and is predominantly controlled by money men. They’ve taken over.

So… where does that leave us?

The ones with the power who can actually do something are the people. As soon as people wake up and refuse to take this rear-ending any more things will change.

Although your campaign for nomination was successful and you drummed up tons of support, the current momentum for the status quo was too strong.

Most voters still believe the lie. Most Americans still believe the story that corporate and political entities tell. Most people believe the hype about the threat of attack from “outsiders”. They believe they need protection from groups like ISIS and they believe that you need to send your young people overseas to die in your defense.

Corporate, political, financial and legal entities run your country and they are prepared to sacrifice your people at home and overseas to maintain their way of life. They control media outlets and they use these means to take over popular opinion. You know it’s not unlike how Joseph Goebbels and his propaganda ministry did it in pre WW2.

When it all boils down to it, people need to wake up and take their power back. These bastards wouldn’t have control if the majority didn’t relinquish that control.

We need a revolution…

Oh yeah…and this is a worldwide problem. My country is going the same way as your has.

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